May 20, 2016

A Party at My New Apartment

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I found my first apartment at http://www.thestratfordapartments.com. After moving into the apartment, I decided to ccelebrate by having a get together with some friends. I didn’t want it to turn into some kine of wild house party that would get me thrown out of the apartment before the dust could settle in, so I only invited a certain number of people, and told them not to tell anyone else. I was still pretty worn out from moving all of my items into the apartment, so instead of cooking food, I just decided to order some pizza and chicken wings.

My friends came over and some brought beverages and food with them just in case we needed some extra. One of my friends loves to drink beer more than anyone else, and brought a giant keg for us to drink. I’ll drink a beer from time to time, but I don’t love it enough to drink a whole keg. I hope my friend wasn’t planning on doing some kind of keg stand like during his college days. He was notorious for doing that in the frat houses, and he wasn’t even a member of a fraternity. I don’t know why they kept letting him in the frat house.

The party turned out better than I thought it would be. There weren’t too many guests, and I had a fun time with everyone. I didn’t drink too much because I had to go to work the next day. Cleaning up before work was certainly something I wished I didn’t have to do, but it was my idea to host the party, so I guess I had to deal with the consequences. I probably won’t be hosting any parties for quite a while. I’ll let someone else invite me and I’ll bring the drinks.


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