September 2, 2014

A Smart Investment for Getting Plays

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The bottom line is that these days it often takes money in order to be successful. The American dream might still be alive in some form, but many markets and parts of this country are simply controlled by those that already have money. From paying radio companies to favor their music to huge advertising campaigns and marketing ploys, investing money into an artist can sometimes flat out guarantee their popularity. Since this is obviously not an option for everyone, smaller artists can look into alternatives like the option to buy Reverbnation plays with this great service.

Sure buying plays here will never compare to an advertisement during the Superbowl, but the price is obviously different too. Staying within a realistic budget is important for new artists, as getting into debt is no way to begin an attempt to make it big. Instead this wise investment can help make it easier to gain fans in the future without breaking the bank upfront, which also makes it very easy to get a full return on the investment in a short amount of time. This means that the money can then be invested elsewhere too, as once the fan base starts to grow it will often perpetuate itself.

The basic idea behind it all is that social media promotes popular pages and people are more likely to accept something that appears popular. Buying plays may not directly be able to make your band more popular, but it will indirectly make it much easier to get exposure and attention. People will want to fit in if they see that an artist has a lot of people behind it, rather than moving on from some small act that does not seem worth their time. It will still be up to the artist to keep fans happy, but getting an early start on gaining them is definitely worthwhile.


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