October 17, 2017

Bringing the Ideas to Life

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My brothers and I had the idea of starting a tech company that would allow us to manufacture small project boards for hobbyist. We wanted to buy an existing space and use it as our factory and storage facility. Unfortunately, such a place didn’t exist in our city. Our only solution was to contact a company building design and engineering custom building solutions so we could have our own factory created. After looking through some company listings, we found just the one we needed from a particular website, and contacted them about our specific needs for the new factory.

Using the information that we gave to the company, they came up with some plans for how the factory would look once it was done. We came to an agreement on the plans, and arranged for the company to start construction. While this was taking place, my brothers and I worked on making advertising and construction of the website that would be used for people to place orders for the completed project boards. We also did some revision on the circuit designs for the boards themselves. We figured out a way to make the boards a little smaller by moving around some of the components and shaving off areas.

The construction of the factor was coming along quite nicely. We couldn’t believe that our idea was finally coming to life, and we would soon be able to start selling the project boards. Once construction was finally done, we set up the necessary machines to produce the boards and began our first production run. We had hired some workers to help us package the boards into plastic and boxes so they could be shipped out to locations as the orders come in. One of our first major orders was from a school that wanted to have many of the board for their technology classes.


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