January 24, 2022

We Remodeled the Units in the Apartment Building We Bought with All New Stuff

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We bought an apartment building that has 20 units. The structure was sound and needed only a little updating to the outside and some landscaping. We gutted all of the units upgrading them to modern apartments that would appeal to a lot of tenants. We got all new appliances for each unit, and everything from the flooring to the lighting was modernized. In the bathrooms we used shower enclosures from a company that makes shower doors in Union County NJ. The enclosures they provided really make the bathrooms look nice. They are glass walls that open up the small areas we had for the bathrooms in the apartment units. It makes the rooms look bigger than they actually are.

All of the shower units are big enough to move around in even if you are a big person. Using the same design from unit to unit also saved us some money. The only apartments that are different are the ones at the end of each floor. The layouts are designed a bit different so we used a different type of shower door system for them. When we were marketing the apartments for lease, we really put focus on the bathrooms. They are a highlight of the units. They are much more high-end than what you would find in most apartments with one or two bedrooms.

I wish that our first apartment looked like these ones do. We had a bathroom that had a toilet shoved up against a tub that had a shower curtain. The sink was so small you could not place a bar of soap on it. Our new apartments look so nice we had them all leased even before they were finished being remodeled. It just goes to show you that a little design forethought and using good materials can make an old building into something that is marketable.


Another Day of Not Cleaning

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As a guy who grew up being raised by a mother who utterly spoiled him, who made sure that he never had to clean a single day of his life while growing up, I have come to the conclusion that as an adult I am fundamentally broken. It’s true. Shamefully, I am terrible with cleaning my own home as well as being terrible at doing my own laundry. While I am proud of the fact that I can actually fold my own clothes, I usually have to resort to taking my clothing to a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ if I want to have clean clothes for the week.

I suppose it’s not so bad taking your clothes to a dry cleaners. Plenty of other people do it! I wonder if they’re like me in that they’re just not very good at cleaning their own clothes. Maybe they don’t have a washer and dryer – I do, despite the fact that I almost never utilize either of them. I can totally clean my own underwear and socks, though, which is easy enough but to try and do an entire load of laundry on my own is possibly the most difficult thing you could ask me to do.

This is how I’m broken. I’m a guy who is 30 years old and is incapable of doing my own laundry. I even have a house cleaner come once a week to help spruce up the place by taking care of the hard work – sweeping and mopping generally. I loathe cleaning, I’ll admit it! There is just something about knowing that I am practically plunging my hands into microbial environments that are teeming with billions of bacteria. No sir, I do not want anything to do with that and as long as I can avoid it, I’m a happy camper.


November 24, 2020

I Did Not Want to Kill the Bats in Our Attic

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I like bats. I really do. They eat their body weight in bugs that, well, bug us as we try to sit outside on our deck at night. To me, they are good neighbors. I have good neighbors that are people, but I don’t want them living in my house. The same goes for the bats that got into our attic through a damaged vent screen. I called an exterminator in NYC to live trap them and remove them. I did not want to kill them. After all, one of those little furry guys with wings might have eaten the mosquito with West Nile virus that was going to bite one of us.

It is not always necessary to kill wildlife that is invading your home. I have a lot of experience using live traps to capture mice. I used to live in an old house with my wife when we first got married. The field mice in the suburbs can be quite a problem. Neighbors just poisoned them and killed them in traps. We used a plastic trap that had a swinging door. We used peanut butter as bait. They would go in and could not get out. The trap was solid plastic with tiny vent holes they could not chew through. I would take them in the car to drop them off in a wooded area. You have to get them a little ways away from your house. Otherwise they may come back. Not far. A couple of hundred yards is far to a mouse!

The exterminator in NYC said he was doing a lot more live trapping of pests. He rigged the vent screen to let them out but not let them back in. After they all went out at night, we had a contractor fix the vent screen during the day. They found a new home somewhere in our backyard or close by. I wanted them to stay so they could eat more bugs.


April 9, 2019

My Tree Was Struck by Lightning

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I thought that if a storm would end up causing a tree to come down, then it would be a pretty severe one. I learned the other day that is not the case. We had a very quick thunderstorm pass through the area, and no one really gave it much thought because it was nothing big at all. However, we all heard the snap outside, which is amazing because I never heard a tree get struck by lightning like that. I knew that I was going to have to contact a tree service in Long Island as soon as I went outside to see what was going on.

We have a few acres, and there are probably two dozen trees on it. (more…)


March 26, 2018

Our Son Wants to Be a Physicist

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My husband is a mathematics professor at the local university, so it is no wonder that our two children excel in math. Our daughter is university now, studying to be a teacher like her father. Her love for numbers and equations matches his, and the two have such interesting conversations that only they can understand. Our son went into a different direction with his love for those same numbers. He wants to be a physicist, and he has our full support. He asked his father to take a look at https://physicstuitionsg.com not long ago because his examinations are coming up soon.

He is excelling in his physics class at school, but he knows that he has to be at the top of his game even before he goes to university next year. That is why he wanted to take this private tuition course. (more…)


February 4, 2018

Very Happy with Our Housecleaners

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We were doing the bare minimum for things we needed to get done in order to keep up with all of our responsibilities. It is nice to have a steady job, but the hours are practically ridiculous right now. We are putting in the time, because you never know when there may be a cut back in hours. So, it is wise to work and save now while the work is abundant. To help us keep from becoming overwhelmed, we hired a service that does house cleaning in Singapore to come out and do the cleaning at our house. Without their help, our house would be a wreck. (more…)


October 24, 2017

My Granddaughter Loves to Build Puzzles with Me

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I knew that I wanted to get my granddaughter a puzzle for her birthday. I have my own puzzle table at my house, and she knows it is off limits to her. I am looking forward to the day when she can join me at it and help me put one together, but for now, we just have to wait. I decided that I was going to look into a kids foam puzzle though because her interest is always piqued when I sit at my puzzle table. I was hoping that she would have the same interest in it that I do.

I went to my favorite online retailer, knowing that if anyone had a puzzle she would enjoy, it would be found on this site. I was not wrong either, as it did not take me very long at all to find the foam puzzle that I ended up getting for her. (more…)


October 20, 2017

I Am Working After School

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Obviously when you are sixteen there are a lot of limits to what sorts of work you can do and I have been working in this hotel near the airport. They limit my hours because of the child labor laws, at least they do during the school year. I started working in the summer and that was a lot better since they did not restrict me. We did have some issues. This place got bedbugs and so we had to find someone to do bed bug control in Scottsdale AZ. That is not so easy. They had me to show the guy around to where we had the problems and he showed me how you could figure it out. Apparently these things will socialize in specific areas and just a bear in the woods they will do their business. (more…)


October 17, 2017

Bringing the Ideas to Life

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My brothers and I had the idea of starting a tech company that would allow us to manufacture small project boards for hobbyist. We wanted to buy an existing space and use it as our factory and storage facility. Unfortunately, such a place didn’t exist in our city. Our only solution was to contact a company building design and engineering custom building solutions so we could have our own factory created. After looking through some company listings, we found just the one we needed from a particular website, and contacted them about our specific needs for the new factory.

Using the information that we gave to the company, they came up with some plans for how the factory would look once it was done. We came to an agreement on the plans, and arranged for the company to start construction. (more…)


July 25, 2017

Keeping Our Scales Accurate to Maintain Consumer Confidence in Our Bulk Product Sales

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Scales have to be accurate in our business, or we get in trouble with the county weights and measurements department. Plus, we would lose the confidence of our customers that rely on us having accurate scales to weigh out the products we are selling them in bulk. We had one problematic scale that kept wandering off from being accurate. We only had to have our scales officially checked and certified once per year, but we checked them for accuracy every day we started business. I got online and looked for cheap load cells to replace the ones in the scale that was giving us a problem with accuracy. It had to be readjusted every morning, so we decided to just replace its load cells.

The moving parts were all working fine. The display was working fine too. The only thing it could be was the actual load cells that determine the weight. However, we had to keep our annual budget for equipment repair and replacement in mind. (more…)


May 26, 2017

My Dad Does Not Know Everything About What’s Needed

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When I found a house that I knew that I wanted to purchase, I invited my father to come over and take a look at it because I wanted him to give his opinion on it. The first thing that he noticed when we drove up is that the home has a flat roof. He told me then that I should not buy it because flat roofs often mean problems with water leakage. I started to do some research that night, and I learned that a flat roof demarcation can stop that problem immediately if you have someone who knows what they are doing to install it. I made sure to check a variety of sites that all pointed out this same info.

When I left that day, dad told me I would be making a mistake to get that house. He had seen too many problems with homes of the same kind over the years. (more…)


April 10, 2017

Successful Deal and a Bonus

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I was given the task of setting up a deal with an insurance agency for a business transaction. My boss give me tasks like these because I’m the best person at the company to handle them. I contacted a sell insurance agency that I was familiar with to set up the deal. I’ve had experience with them in the past and they’ve been a great help for my line of work. If I had to do it all alone, I would have probably made a major mistake somewhere and lost my job a long time ago.

The agency worked closely with me to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Terms and conditions were created for the deal and both parties had to look over them to make sure that everyone agreed. If there was anything that didn’t sync up between the two parties, they would do a little bit of negotiating to get to a point whee everyone agrees. Sometimes negotiations can be done in just a few seconds. Other times one party may have to think about the decision or consult someone else to determine if it would be a good choice.

The deal was completed successfully and my boss was so pleased that he gave me a raise and a month of vacation time. I already had an idea of where I wanted to take my vacation. I’ve always been fond of Asia and wanted to visit multiple countries in the region. I booked a vacaiton that would take me across Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. The thing I was looking forward to the most about the vacation was the food. I’ve tried cuisine based on these locations, but not from the actual places, only localized versions. There’s nothing like getting to try the real thing made by skilled chefs.


April 5, 2017

Flavor As Liquid and Gas

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I love to smoke and I love to drink tea. I never thought for once that it would be possible to do both with the same herb, but I learned that it can be done. There is an organic herbal smoking blend that doubles as a smoking herb and a herb for steeping in hot water to make tea. The herbs don’t have any special chemicals in them, which makes them better than the cigarettes that the tobacco companies try to peddle on people. The herb can even be used as a way to quit smoking. Although I smoke safer items than tobacco, if I were hooked, I would definitely want to use it to curb my cravings.

I bought some of the herb to use for the first time a couple of weeks ago. (more…)


March 23, 2017

I Started to Play Rugby Again

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Of course that is how I hurt my back about nine months ago, but I miss the game and I am pretty sure that my back is going to be okay. I can go back to the Cumming chiropractor who fixed it the last time if something goes wrong too. It is not as though I am playing at a very high level. In fact a lot of the guys are really overweight and nearly all of them are slow. Most of them seem to be playing in order to get in shape. It is not so big of a deal to play rugby with them, not compared with the guys that I used to play with. Nearly all of the guys I used to play with were straight from college teams and such. (more…)


February 7, 2017

Finding a Place to Live Close to DC, but Not Too Close

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I got a new job in the DC Metro Area. However, there was no way I was living anywhere close to where I worked. People think that if you have a job in DC, then you are probably making a lot of money. Well, compared to a job in rural PA, I would say that the hourly rates are higher. However, the cost of living is higher too. You know how much it costs to rent a place there? We looked for nice apartments for Forestville MD. It is only a half hour away from where I work. I used to have a much longer commute at my old job. Getting a place outside of DC was a lot cheaper for the rent.

This way we can actually begin to save some money. We would be house poor trying to find a place to live within walking distance of where I work. Some of the people there do that. However, they see their jobs and location as some kind of a status thing. I see my job as a means of earning an income to be able to invest to retire early. (more…)


January 12, 2017

Getting a Second Chance with Life

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I always knew that life could change in an instant, but I never expected to experience that myself. When I received the call that my husband was involved in a serious accident and I needed to get to the hospital immediately, I was shaken to the core. I had no idea if he was even alive, so I had my neighbor drive me. Thankfully, he was and is still with me, but life has changed so much for both of us. One of the first things I did was contact an auto accident attorney in Sacramento who was recommended to me.

I spent the first three days in the hospital, too afraid to even leave my husband’s side. I was finally convinced to go home, shower and rest, then come back, and that is when I started getting the calls from the insurance company. (more…)


September 28, 2016

Our Chiropractor Helped with the Post-Accident Pain

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A side impact in a collision can be devastating. I have a relative who was driving and got T-boned. He broke his hip and was laid up for months. He was on blood thinners for a long time after the surgeries too. We got sort of a side impact by sliding on a slippery road. We whacked into a pole sideways. The sudden stop shook us up. I mean literally and emotionally. It was scary, to say the least, and the hit knocked our backs out of alignment. We started seeing a Chandler auto accident chiropractor after a couple of weeks.

We went and had imaging done after the accident. (more…)


September 27, 2016

Trying Something New to Me Was the Perfect Solution

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After having relatively few health issues for most of my adult life, it really came as a shock when I hurt my back and realized just how badly that affects your day-to-day life. Trying a variety of things with the help of my usual doctor and a physical therapist did not work. I really did not know what to do, and I took to trying to find answers online. There, I learned from an anonymous stranger, who was posting in a forum, that Chicago acupuncture might be a solution for people who are not getting the help they so desperately need from a doctor.

I have never been to see anyone outside of a medical doctor. I grew up in the medical community because both my grandmother and grandfather were doctors. My mother was a nurse. So, I really never looked to see what existed outside of that. (more…)


May 27, 2016

Quickly Passing Through the Stops

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Whenever I have to travel on the long road, I would always bring enough change to fill up my cup holder for when I go over the toll bridge. Once I didn’t bring enough change, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pass, but the operator was nice enough to let me through that one time. Now I don’t even bother with the change. I got a card at http://hgsyukle.com that can be used at the bridge. All I have to do is swipe the card and drive right through. I can add more funds to the card, even while I’m on the road.

Recently I forgot to add some money to the card, and all I had to do was use my phone to do it. Using my phone, I went to the load website and logged into my account. I did an automatic add using information that I already had on file, and I was ready to go. (more…)


May 20, 2016

High Accuracy Balance for Reasonable Price

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I am perhaps a bit obsessive when it comes to measuring things, and I like to have a great deal of precision in my life. I think it is due to the fact that I have always been interested in science, and indeed, I majored in Chemistry when I was in college. I am looking to buy the best analytical balance I can find for a reasonable price. I know that some of the very precise scales out there can be extremely expensive, and I am not sure I need something that is on the high end of the scale. I remember the ones that we had in the chemistry lab at college, they were so accurate that you could literally just blow on them and it would register on the scale.

To that end, those very precise scales had glass enclosures that could be closed after loading up whatever you wanted to weigh. That way, changes in air pressure, say from a draft coming down the hallway, would not lead to inaccuracies in what you were weighing. It was definitely handy when it came to measuring out chemicals that needed to be mixed in exact proportions to achieve the desired chemical reaction. However, I think it is a bit excessive for my needs, and what’s more I am sure that such a balance is out of my price range.

Regardless, I still want to buy one with a high degree of accuracy, and I am hoping to find a good price on one that can measure in increments of one milligram. I don’t think that I really need anything more precise than that, even if I do kind of want something more precise. That should be fine for what i am going to be using the scale for anyway.

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