May 20, 2016

A Party at My New Apartment

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I found my first apartment at http://www.thestratfordapartments.com. After moving into the apartment, I decided to ccelebrate by having a get together with some friends. I didn’t want it to turn into some kine of wild house party that would get me thrown out of the apartment before the dust could settle in, so I only invited a certain number of people, and told them not to tell anyone else. I was still pretty worn out from moving all of my items into the apartment, so instead of cooking food, I just decided to order some pizza and chicken wings.

My friends came over and some brought beverages and food with them just in case we needed some extra. One of my friends loves to drink beer more than anyone else, and brought a giant keg for us to drink. I’ll drink a beer from time to time, but I don’t love it enough to drink a whole keg. I hope my friend wasn’t planning on doing some kind of keg stand like during his college days. (more…)


January 16, 2016

Choosing Between Cable and Satellite Providers

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When I was deciding between Time Warner Cable and Directv, I was having a hard time figuring out which one was best. I talked to customer service reps from both companies, and both had such good things to say as well as nice promotions that I would be eligible for. I decided the best way to figure it out was to understand what I would not be getting with each one. For instance, if I got Time Warner, what would I be missing out on from Directv and vice versa.

As soon as I did this, it did not take me long to figure out which one was my better option. Like I said, both offered great deals, but one offered a bit more than the other. (more…)


October 27, 2015

My Mom Wanted a New Clothes Line

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When my mom’s dryer broke, I hired a repairman to come look at it since I know nothing about appliance repair. I expected him to be able to fix it, but he told us that it was not possible. I thought my mom would want to buy a new one that same day, but she told me she was going to get a new clothes line instead. I had never heard my mom even talk about wanting to hang clothes outside to dry, so I had to ask her where this came from.

She told me when she was a young girl, her mother used to always hang clothes out to dry. Even though it was just a decades old memory, she wanted to experience that again. She was going to just have me erect two clothesline poles in the yard and string out some line on them, but I decided to surprise her with a really nice line instead. (more…)


October 22, 2015

Doing Business in Singapore is an Interesting Experience

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Setting up shop in a new country was easier than I thought. Leasing office space in a heavily urbanized area was actually pretty straightforward. Singapore has a lot of people in a small space so finding room to do business is not really an issue. Just let it be known what you want, and someone will find it for you. We got a really nice office in a shared occupancy building. Our condo where we live is in the same building. We found a firm that does Singapore company incorporation quickly and effortlessly on our part. Then we got down to the business of serving our clients.

As it goes with most businesses, we had clients ready before we were even ready to do business. We had to grow into our operation quickly. This meant getting corporate papers filed fast so the process could be completed in a short time. (more…)


October 21, 2015

Working for a Better Tomorrow

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In Columbia SC apartments can cost a lot of money, which is something that many people have to deal with when they have low incomes. I work at a retail job, and it only pays so much. It’s not really the kind of job that you get and expect it to lead to a more lucrative career. This kind of job is something that you get when you can’t find anything else or you don’t have the skills or qualification to get anything else. I fall into both of these categories and am trying to change that by taking college courses.

I make just enough to pay for my apartment, get food, and pay for my classes. I take the classes during my off hours from work. I have just enough time left over to get a little sleep each day. I’m taking classes in computer programming in the hopes that I’ll be able to find a job working at a local company as a software developer or as an IT specialist. (more…)


May 1, 2015

Why I Wanted to Buy Comments for Instagram

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I understand the appeal of social media for companies. I don’t have a college degree, but I do understand marketing because of my own family’s business growing up. When I graduated from high school, I opted to go right to work for the family business full time. As the years passed by, I was being groomed to take over one day. That is why I started looking at social media, because I knew we needed to move into that direction to stay relevant. I had studied enough about it to know I had to buy Instagram comments, likes and followers as soon as I got the Instagram account for the business set up.

I did not want it to sit idle with just a few dozen people following it. There is nothing that can make a company’s social media presence dry up quicker than that. I knew we needed to reach as many people as possible, and that meant having high numbers in all the areas of Instagram that matter. (more…)


January 21, 2015

How Do You Promote Things on Youtube?

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I was wondering about this when I got this ad the other day. I did not read it, but it was not something I trusted, but the ad was in my inbox and it was offering to help me buy youtube subscribers. Of course there are a number of people who make some money off of youtube. It works like this. You make videos and people watch them, but then youtube makes them watch ads too. I guess that there are other ads that are always on the page too. I never pay attention to those, but obviously this is how youtube makes their money. However they want to encourage people like actors, singers, comedians and so forth to make the content available on youtube. (more…)


January 14, 2015

Cape Town SEO Links and More

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My business is kind of struggling at the moment, which is not good, because the economy is getting better, and I thought that would mean that we would get more business, but it has not worked out like that yet and I am not sure what the issue is. But it has left me with little recourse and I have to figure out a way to improve business. I am looking at SEO in Cape Town as a possibel solution, because that way, we could potentially get more people using the website,a nd that could lead to more business as sure as any other idea that I can come up with.

We have actually been trying to come up with ways to get more people to visit the website for quite awhile now, but it might just be as simple as paying for SEO and backlinks so that the site shows up higher in search results. I am sure that would go a long way towards heling out wit hthe sort of problems that we have been experiencing.

I kind of worry about the future of the company sometimes, in my moments of weakness. But I need to get ahold of myself, because I have employees that are counting on me, and I need to do all that i can to make sure that the company is as profitable as possible going forward. We might not have the best chances in the world, but we have a chance, and I am going to make sure that it is a fighting chance. I am not even sure why profits have been so low, it is not like we have a lot of competition in the area. It is kind of confusing, but maybe I can look into the matter some more.


September 2, 2014

A Smart Investment for Getting Plays

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The bottom line is that these days it often takes money in order to be successful. The American dream might still be alive in some form, but many markets and parts of this country are simply controlled by those that already have money. From paying radio companies to favor their music to huge advertising campaigns and marketing ploys, investing money into an artist can sometimes flat out guarantee their popularity. Since this is obviously not an option for everyone, smaller artists can look into alternatives like the option to buy Reverbnation plays with this great service.

Sure buying plays here will never compare to an advertisement during the Superbowl, but the price is obviously different too. Staying within a realistic budget is important for new artists, as getting into debt is no way to begin an attempt to make it big. (more…)


August 20, 2014

Buying Views and Terms of Service

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If you’re trying to get your mixtape on Datpiff even more exposure, did you know that you can actively buy Datpiff views? I had no idea until a friend of mine pointed it out to me the other day but I should have been aware of this from the start. More and more services that utilize a users views as a way to calculate how much money they should be paid are beginning to crop up. Everything from YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Facebook has a service that is associated with the platform allowing users to buy views, likes or shares.

Personally, I think this is a poor business model in the long run. If you are not personally providing high quality content resulting in genuine clicks or views that result in your content being engaged in via social media, then depending upon a third party service to deliver you your income is only going to set you back in the long run. (more…)


July 16, 2014

Doing Some Work for My Boss’ Wife

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Of course in the final analysis it would not be right to say that this is my Boss’ wife. He works for her family, and if he stopped being married to her then they would send a security guard up there to watch him clean out his desk. He is sort of like a harmless boss I guess, he does nothing too good or too bad. His wife is very sharp and has decided that she wants to be elected to the state house of representatives. I am helping to get the word out. I went to buy twitter retweets for one thing, so that we could get the word out about her candidacy. It is a pretty nice job to be honest. (more…)


February 17, 2014

I Am Happy with Their Services

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I don’t have a huge business or anything, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t think like a guy who does. I run a small website, and I offer a few online services and products. I have been doing really well for myself, but I wanted to expand and possibly do even better. I knew one way to do this was to take advantage of social media. I had been looking at Instagram, but I was not sure how to integrate it into more sales. It was only when I found out that I could buy instagram likes that everything began to click for me.

I knew that I would be able to attract a lot more people to my Instagram page if it looked like it was a lot more popular than what it was then. (more…)


February 4, 2014

It is Pretty Easy to Buy Twitter Followers

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Look for the Facebook icon throughout Class Notes. Click on the link ...If you just came up with a cool new product or service that would make a lot of customers happy as well as make you a lot of money, you still need to look established online. People like to buy from established companies. I figured I would try what the handlers for the professional singers, musicians and movie stars do. When they want overnight social media popularity for someone, they buy it. That was why I decided to buy twitter followers.

It can take a long time to get momentum going through social media buzz. You need the followers, but to get followers the people on Twitter like to see that you already have followers. In order to get that snowball rolling down the hill, you get started with a batch of followers from the beginning.


January 25, 2014

Lowest Prices for Buying Instagram Followers

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Instagram FollowersI have finally fulfilled my dream of owning my own restaurant, and it is something that I have wanted to do since the day that I first applied to go to culinary school. I have worked at a lot of different restaurants since then, and I have learned a lot. I am confident that I will have a successful restaurant. But I am going to looking into the prices to buy instagram followers, as I have recently created an account on that site, to use to showcase the food that I cook at my new restaurant.

I really think that I will be ale to get people’s attention, if I send out pictures of the food that I create.


January 22, 2014

Finding Useful Services to Market

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Free Facebook Likes Free Twitter Followers Exchange With Other Social ...In the game of Internet marketing, it is important to have as much exposure as is possible. Whether you’re looking to focus on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other systems of social media you want to spread your marketing across. The importance of these mediums of marketing is that you find a relevant number of followers in order to gain exposure but you might be wondering how you can get more twitter followers. I found one of the best ways to find Twitter followers is to use an automated service that will auto-follow users who match the standards you input as well as auto-accepting users who choose to follow you. It’s a system that is fairly easy to use and there are multiple pieces of software that you can utilize to help you.


December 17, 2013

We Both Wanted More Vine Followers

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Royalty Free Image of Grape Vine In The YardI have been a user of Twitter for a few years, and it has really helped my business a good bit. I have thousands of followers, and I think that I am a bit of an expert when it comes to small business owners using it now. My brother feels the same way, because he came to me not that long ago to ask me about my vine likes. This is something that I had just started getting into within the last few months, and I believe it is helping the bottom line for my company too.

He is starting his own business, and he wants to use the same format that I have been using since I have been able to realize a certain level of financial success with mine.


November 26, 2013

Making a Full Time Living from Online Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing | Argentina GestiĆ³n InteligenteI knew that there were a lot of online opportunities for someone who wanted to work from the comfort of their own home. I never considered this as an option for me though until my hours were cut from my full time job. I was thankful to still have a job, but I knew that I needed to find a way to make up for the lost income. I started looking at Internet marketing, since I knew that this was a market that still had a lot of income potential. When I found copy sniper, I knew that this was something I was supposed to do.

During my downtime from my job, I was able to learn a lot about online marketing. Though I do have some marketing knowledge, I had never applied it to the online world. While there are some things related to marketing that are true regardless of the medium, there were even more things that were unique to the online world only.


November 25, 2013

Serving Up Business One Scoop at a Time

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Pandora, the Morning Commute, and You: A Modern Love Story - TestedA lot of experts say that if you want to start a business, the best way is to do it online. The experts say this because they believe that every resource for a new business can be found on the Internet. The capital to start the business can be obtained through the Internet, the customers can be be found on the Internet, and even the marketing needed to make others aware of the business can be found on the Internet. I learned about Internet marketing for my business when I started using pandora profits.

I created a business that sells unique flavors of ice cream to people anywhere in the USA. Most people buy their ice cream from the grocery store, but the ice cream that you find in store only comes in a limited number of flavors.


November 22, 2013

Radio Advertising Does Make a Difference

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The Future of Music: Pros and Cons | Black Coffee CommentaryI was talking to my marketing director and she said that we may want to try to get some ads on the radio. I told her that our credit union already has a lot of ads on the local radio stations. She said that we should try to do some internet radio ads as that is a new way to market our credit union and we will be able to get a lot of business from that. I did not know anything about a pandora profits review but she was ready, and she showed me that there were a lot of companies that have generated a lot of income from having an ad on the internet radio stations.


November 20, 2013

Really, Look into It Now

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To connect with Search Engine Optimization, sign up for Facebook today ...Profit funnel system s are this new thing that are sweeping across the nation, they can make you a lot of money. I understand that we have methods that work so we like to just keep using them, but this is just so unbelievably better than the old methods that I suggest that you switch right now. It does not even matter what you used to use, because this has blown everything before it out of the water. I mean as far as I can tell it profits about ten times more than anything else that I have ever used. It is a fairly complicated system to set up and it takes quite a lot of time to get it running, but once it is up it essentially maintains and runs itself. I make over a hundred a day doing absolutely nothing.

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