September 28, 2012

Why We Got Complete SEO Help with Our Business Website

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It was tough trying to find a complete seo option for our company website. We tried all kinds of things. I talked with others in the same industry who have sales websites. I attended seminars to learn the details of Search Engine Optimization. I even took the time to learn what latent semantic means when it comes to proper SEO. We went through all kinds of things to get our website search engine friendly. I probably read a couple of thousand pages of idea, tip and how-to articles. When we had everything working good, the top search engine changed its algorithms and our site dropped in the page rank. We were in the top five!

What we did was turn over the work to a new website host that was made for businesses. Our old hosting provider was not really oriented to helping folks like us with business websites.


September 15, 2012

Using Social Bookmarks to Promote Your Business

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I am going to try to learn if this is possible, even though most of my brother in law’s ideas are real clunkers. This one seems to have some merits, although it seems that it might appeal to people who spend too much time on the Internet to be honest. He was telling me about these web sites which have collect social bookmark s. I knew about some of them. I have been on Digg.com, or the local version of it in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. While I was there on business I needed a place to take a client out to dinner and I saw their version of Digg being promoted on the local TV news. I tried it and found a very nice place to eat.


September 10, 2012

How to Get Started with a Blog

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I have been working on my blog for some time, since the middle of the summer. It is just random musings and little short stories that I have been working on in my spare time. However my initial efforts at using wordpress were disappointing. I simply had not taken enough time in learning it and I still have not come close to mastering it. I did figure out what I was doing wrong after reading about my problem on a blog called article jedi. I have it up on the World Wide Web now, but I am not telling anyone about it or trying to promote it yet. I am not yet ready for prime time. My templates are bad and I still have not fixed them.

I found that blog while searching for a good web host, or information on how to choose one. That seems to have worked out well.


Revamp Your Outdated Business Website

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Search Engine Feng Shui has made this out of a Google Map hereWhen running a small business you tend to have to hire out some of the tasks that you need to operate on a certain budget. Although many companies wish they could hire a few more employees, most businesses realize that doing so would not be financially possible. This leads to having to hire out a few services that you would otherwise perform in house and one area that is not always thought about is website creation and maintenance. It is an area that many try to save money on and build something basic when hiring an internet marketing agency who can make your website and help you with promoting it would be the more cost effective option available in many cases.

Given that most businesses these days are in need of a website to help with showcasing their companies’ products and services, it is a good idea to make sure that it looks good for prospective and current clients. It is something that should represent your business’ skills and also its image in a way that is in keeping with how you present the rest of your business.


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