May 1, 2015

Why I Wanted to Buy Comments for Instagram

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I understand the appeal of social media for companies. I don’t have a college degree, but I do understand marketing because of my own family’s business growing up. When I graduated from high school, I opted to go right to work for the family business full time. As the years passed by, I was being groomed to take over one day. That is why I started looking at social media, because I knew we needed to move into that direction to stay relevant. I had studied enough about it to know I had to buy Instagram comments, likes and followers as soon as I got the Instagram account for the business set up.

I did not want it to sit idle with just a few dozen people following it. There is nothing that can make a company’s social media presence dry up quicker than that. I knew we needed to reach as many people as possible, and that meant having high numbers in all the areas of Instagram that matter. (more…)


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