October 27, 2015

My Mom Wanted a New Clothes Line

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When my mom’s dryer broke, I hired a repairman to come look at it since I know nothing about appliance repair. I expected him to be able to fix it, but he told us that it was not possible. I thought my mom would want to buy a new one that same day, but she told me she was going to get a new clothes line instead. I had never heard my mom even talk about wanting to hang clothes outside to dry, so I had to ask her where this came from.

She told me when she was a young girl, her mother used to always hang clothes out to dry. Even though it was just a decades old memory, she wanted to experience that again. She was going to just have me erect two clothesline poles in the yard and string out some line on them, but I decided to surprise her with a really nice line instead. (more…)


October 22, 2015

Doing Business in Singapore is an Interesting Experience

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Setting up shop in a new country was easier than I thought. Leasing office space in a heavily urbanized area was actually pretty straightforward. Singapore has a lot of people in a small space so finding room to do business is not really an issue. Just let it be known what you want, and someone will find it for you. We got a really nice office in a shared occupancy building. Our condo where we live is in the same building. We found a firm that does Singapore company incorporation quickly and effortlessly on our part. Then we got down to the business of serving our clients.

As it goes with most businesses, we had clients ready before we were even ready to do business. We had to grow into our operation quickly. This meant getting corporate papers filed fast so the process could be completed in a short time. (more…)


October 21, 2015

Working for a Better Tomorrow

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In Columbia SC apartments can cost a lot of money, which is something that many people have to deal with when they have low incomes. I work at a retail job, and it only pays so much. It’s not really the kind of job that you get and expect it to lead to a more lucrative career. This kind of job is something that you get when you can’t find anything else or you don’t have the skills or qualification to get anything else. I fall into both of these categories and am trying to change that by taking college courses.

I make just enough to pay for my apartment, get food, and pay for my classes. I take the classes during my off hours from work. I have just enough time left over to get a little sleep each day. I’m taking classes in computer programming in the hopes that I’ll be able to find a job working at a local company as a software developer or as an IT specialist. (more…)


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