February 7, 2017

Finding a Place to Live Close to DC, but Not Too Close

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I got a new job in the DC Metro Area. However, there was no way I was living anywhere close to where I worked. People think that if you have a job in DC, then you are probably making a lot of money. Well, compared to a job in rural PA, I would say that the hourly rates are higher. However, the cost of living is higher too. You know how much it costs to rent a place there? We looked for nice apartments for Forestville MD. It is only a half hour away from where I work. I used to have a much longer commute at my old job. Getting a place outside of DC was a lot cheaper for the rent.

This way we can actually begin to save some money. We would be house poor trying to find a place to live within walking distance of where I work. Some of the people there do that. However, they see their jobs and location as some kind of a status thing. I see my job as a means of earning an income to be able to invest to retire early. (more…)


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