July 25, 2017

Keeping Our Scales Accurate to Maintain Consumer Confidence in Our Bulk Product Sales

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Scales have to be accurate in our business, or we get in trouble with the county weights and measurements department. Plus, we would lose the confidence of our customers that rely on us having accurate scales to weigh out the products we are selling them in bulk. We had one problematic scale that kept wandering off from being accurate. We only had to have our scales officially checked and certified once per year, but we checked them for accuracy every day we started business. I got online and looked for cheap load cells to replace the ones in the scale that was giving us a problem with accuracy. It had to be readjusted every morning, so we decided to just replace its load cells.

The moving parts were all working fine. The display was working fine too. The only thing it could be was the actual load cells that determine the weight. However, we had to keep our annual budget for equipment repair and replacement in mind. (more…)


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