November 24, 2020

I Did Not Want to Kill the Bats in Our Attic

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I like bats. I really do. They eat their body weight in bugs that, well, bug us as we try to sit outside on our deck at night. To me, they are good neighbors. I have good neighbors that are people, but I don’t want them living in my house. The same goes for the bats that got into our attic through a damaged vent screen. I called an exterminator in NYC to live trap them and remove them. I did not want to kill them. After all, one of those little furry guys with wings might have eaten the mosquito with West Nile virus that was going to bite one of us.

It is not always necessary to kill wildlife that is invading your home. I have a lot of experience using live traps to capture mice. I used to live in an old house with my wife when we first got married. The field mice in the suburbs can be quite a problem. Neighbors just poisoned them and killed them in traps. We used a plastic trap that had a swinging door. We used peanut butter as bait. They would go in and could not get out. The trap was solid plastic with tiny vent holes they could not chew through. I would take them in the car to drop them off in a wooded area. You have to get them a little ways away from your house. Otherwise they may come back. Not far. A couple of hundred yards is far to a mouse!

The exterminator in NYC said he was doing a lot more live trapping of pests. He rigged the vent screen to let them out but not let them back in. After they all went out at night, we had a contractor fix the vent screen during the day. They found a new home somewhere in our backyard or close by. I wanted them to stay so they could eat more bugs.


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