January 24, 2022

We Remodeled the Units in the Apartment Building We Bought with All New Stuff

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We bought an apartment building that has 20 units. The structure was sound and needed only a little updating to the outside and some landscaping. We gutted all of the units upgrading them to modern apartments that would appeal to a lot of tenants. We got all new appliances for each unit, and everything from the flooring to the lighting was modernized. In the bathrooms we used shower enclosures from a company that makes shower doors in Union County NJ. The enclosures they provided really make the bathrooms look nice. They are glass walls that open up the small areas we had for the bathrooms in the apartment units. It makes the rooms look bigger than they actually are.

All of the shower units are big enough to move around in even if you are a big person. Using the same design from unit to unit also saved us some money. The only apartments that are different are the ones at the end of each floor. The layouts are designed a bit different so we used a different type of shower door system for them. When we were marketing the apartments for lease, we really put focus on the bathrooms. They are a highlight of the units. They are much more high-end than what you would find in most apartments with one or two bedrooms.

I wish that our first apartment looked like these ones do. We had a bathroom that had a toilet shoved up against a tub that had a shower curtain. The sink was so small you could not place a bar of soap on it. Our new apartments look so nice we had them all leased even before they were finished being remodeled. It just goes to show you that a little design forethought and using good materials can make an old building into something that is marketable.


Another Day of Not Cleaning

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As a guy who grew up being raised by a mother who utterly spoiled him, who made sure that he never had to clean a single day of his life while growing up, I have come to the conclusion that as an adult I am fundamentally broken. It’s true. Shamefully, I am terrible with cleaning my own home as well as being terrible at doing my own laundry. While I am proud of the fact that I can actually fold my own clothes, I usually have to resort to taking my clothing to a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ if I want to have clean clothes for the week.

I suppose it’s not so bad taking your clothes to a dry cleaners. Plenty of other people do it! I wonder if they’re like me in that they’re just not very good at cleaning their own clothes. Maybe they don’t have a washer and dryer – I do, despite the fact that I almost never utilize either of them. I can totally clean my own underwear and socks, though, which is easy enough but to try and do an entire load of laundry on my own is possibly the most difficult thing you could ask me to do.

This is how I’m broken. I’m a guy who is 30 years old and is incapable of doing my own laundry. I even have a house cleaner come once a week to help spruce up the place by taking care of the hard work – sweeping and mopping generally. I loathe cleaning, I’ll admit it! There is just something about knowing that I am practically plunging my hands into microbial environments that are teeming with billions of bacteria. No sir, I do not want anything to do with that and as long as I can avoid it, I’m a happy camper.


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