October 22, 2015

Doing Business in Singapore is an Interesting Experience

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Setting up shop in a new country was easier than I thought. Leasing office space in a heavily urbanized area was actually pretty straightforward. Singapore has a lot of people in a small space so finding room to do business is not really an issue. Just let it be known what you want, and someone will find it for you. We got a really nice office in a shared occupancy building. Our condo where we live is in the same building. We found a firm that does Singapore company incorporation quickly and effortlessly on our part. Then we got down to the business of serving our clients.

As it goes with most businesses, we had clients ready before we were even ready to do business. We had to grow into our operation quickly. This meant getting corporate papers filed fast so the process could be completed in a short time. It is nice to have a business idea and have work lined up before you even can legally put your sign on the door. We did have all of our ducks in a row the day we opened up. Our business licenses, corporate papers and insurance were all set to go that Monday morning we opened for business in our new corporate office in Singapore.

It was interesting to take an elevator to work. Singapore has shared occupancy buildings that can be homes, retail spaces and offices combined inside very large skyscrapers. The land mass of Singapore is relatively fixed. They do dump dirt into the ocean to build land outwards, but that is a slow process. So, as big cities do, they build up into the sky. Our office is on a lower floor, and our home is in a beautiful condo on an upper floor. We have shops to buy from in the same building and even restaurants. Singapore brings peaceful park settings into and onto the buildings as well. We have grass, trees and an infinity pool on the roof of our building. It is cool being able to earn money, live, shop, eat out and relax without even leaving the building!


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