July 16, 2014

Doing Some Work for My Boss’ Wife

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Of course in the final analysis it would not be right to say that this is my Boss’ wife. He works for her family, and if he stopped being married to her then they would send a security guard up there to watch him clean out his desk. He is sort of like a harmless boss I guess, he does nothing too good or too bad. His wife is very sharp and has decided that she wants to be elected to the state house of representatives. I am helping to get the word out. I went to buy twitter retweets for one thing, so that we could get the word out about her candidacy. It is a pretty nice job to be honest. We worked out beside the pool today and I got treated like I was important by the people who were working on the campaign. She has apparently gotten a nice little organization, but I am not really in on the important stuff. If they wanted to talk about strategy they sort of asked me to take a walk, although very politely.

Of course she is very sweet except to this guy that she is running against. I got the feeling that the reason she had such a nice well oiled machine was that this guy had hordes of enemies who wanted to see him go down. I personally do not know him, but I have heard stories about him and the word is that he is a man who does a lot of wrestling with a lot of demons. Then he seems to not fight his demons at all other times. You could tell that they had some source from inside his inner ring, which I am guessing is some person who feels as though they have been double crossed.


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