April 5, 2017

Flavor As Liquid and Gas

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I love to smoke and I love to drink tea. I never thought for once that it would be possible to do both with the same herb, but I learned that it can be done. There is an organic herbal smoking blend that doubles as a smoking herb and a herb for steeping in hot water to make tea. The herbs don’t have any special chemicals in them, which makes them better than the cigarettes that the tobacco companies try to peddle on people. The herb can even be used as a way to quit smoking. Although I smoke safer items than tobacco, if I were hooked, I would definitely want to use it to curb my cravings.

I bought some of the herb to use for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I made it into tea first, because I really wanted to have a good cup of tea that day. The first thing that went through my mind as I tried the tea was that it had a nice, rich flavor. It was probably one of the best teas that I had ever tasted. It wasn’t too bitter, and it was very relaxing to drink. Given how good it tasted as a tea, I couldn’t wait to see how it would be when I smoked it.

I put some of the herb into my pipe and took a puff of it. It really had a smooth aroma that was so mellow. It was like I was sitting in the middle of a lounge while listening to some smooth jazz music. I’ve never gotten that kind of experience while smoking. I had an interesting idea of mixing the herb with some of the things that I was already smoking. The experiment turned out to be a great success, as I was getting a mix of flavors that really made everything feel so heavenly.


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