January 12, 2017

Getting a Second Chance with Life

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I always knew that life could change in an instant, but I never expected to experience that myself. When I received the call that my husband was involved in a serious accident and I needed to get to the hospital immediately, I was shaken to the core. I had no idea if he was even alive, so I had my neighbor drive me. Thankfully, he was and is still with me, but life has changed so much for both of us. One of the first things I did was contact an auto accident attorney in Sacramento who was recommended to me.

I spent the first three days in the hospital, too afraid to even leave my husband’s side. I was finally convinced to go home, shower and rest, then come back, and that is when I started getting the calls from the insurance company. I did not want to deal with them at all, because I knew that I just did not understand enough about what was going to happen to know what was the right thing to do and what wasn’t. I just wanted to focus on my husband, who was in pretty bad shape.

He will never be able to work again because of his injuries, but we are both just so blessed to even have him here. We know that it could have easily taken his life. We have a lot of bad days, but we are looking forward to better days down the road. Our lawyer is taking care of the insurance company for us, and we have not had to pay him anything for this. When we win our case, his fee will be included with the outcome of it. Life is so fragile, that is the lesson that I learned from this. I am just glad we were given a second chance with my husband’s life.


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