January 21, 2015

How Do You Promote Things on Youtube?

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I was wondering about this when I got this ad the other day. I did not read it, but it was not something I trusted, but the ad was in my inbox and it was offering to help me buy youtube subscribers. Of course there are a number of people who make some money off of youtube. It works like this. You make videos and people watch them, but then youtube makes them watch ads too. I guess that there are other ads that are always on the page too. I never pay attention to those, but obviously this is how youtube makes their money. However they want to encourage people like actors, singers, comedians and so forth to make the content available on youtube. For instance a lot of time you want to watch a video but it says that the rights are own by some person and they told youtube to cease and desist. The people do not care about whether or not you watch it there, but they want to make sure that they get their fair share of the profits.

The sharing of ad revenues is common in media. It is obvious that youtube has to have stuff to show and they need to give the people who have a cut of the action if they want them to play the game. How it is distributed is a big deal. Of course most of the videos you see posted do not belong to the people who post them. Some guy likes a rapper, or he thinks this girl has a great butt. He posts the video and some times he collects the ad revneues from it, but the rapper wants the money. I guess the pretty girl has trouble copyrighting the fact that she is really hot.


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