October 20, 2017

I Am Working After School

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Obviously when you are sixteen there are a lot of limits to what sorts of work you can do and I have been working in this hotel near the airport. They limit my hours because of the child labor laws, at least they do during the school year. I started working in the summer and that was a lot better since they did not restrict me. We did have some issues. This place got bedbugs and so we had to find someone to do bed bug control in Scottsdale AZ. That is not so easy. They had me to show the guy around to where we had the problems and he showed me how you could figure it out. Apparently these things will socialize in specific areas and just a bear in the woods they will do their business. So you can figure out that you have them by looking for this evidence of their presence. It is pretty much like someone had wiped something on it, if you get the drift.

At any rate the one thing I do like about this job is one of the girls who works there. She is a Mexican and she does not speak good English, but that is fine with me since I speak Spanish just like I was born there too. She is really good looking and she loves to flirt with me. I think that she is about five years older than I am. It is a good thing for me. I have been very lucky with her and she wants me to teach her how to drive. My friends think that is funny, since I barely have had my license for more than a couple of months and none of them are all that impressed by my skills behind the wheel.


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