March 23, 2017

I Started to Play Rugby Again

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Of course that is how I hurt my back about nine months ago, but I miss the game and I am pretty sure that my back is going to be okay. I can go back to the Cumming chiropractor who fixed it the last time if something goes wrong too. It is not as though I am playing at a very high level. In fact a lot of the guys are really overweight and nearly all of them are slow. Most of them seem to be playing in order to get in shape. It is not so big of a deal to play rugby with them, not compared with the guys that I used to play with. Nearly all of the guys I used to play with were straight from college teams and such. There is a big world of difference between the two things, although in this case I get a lot more work.

The other teams already started to accuse the other guys in the team of hiring me as a ringer. Of course I am not getting paid, but if I was not worried about getting hurt this league would not be that interesting to me. I want to play with these guys for a little while and see how things go. If there is a problem then I shall stop playing and if there is not, then I am going to start looking for a level which is more challenging, but not so much so as I started out at. There has to be some sort of intermediate level, but I am thinking about other things to do as well. Rugby is a great sport, but there is not a lot of it being played around here. So I probably have to think about other ways to keep fit.


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