October 27, 2015

My Mom Wanted a New Clothes Line

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When my mom’s dryer broke, I hired a repairman to come look at it since I know nothing about appliance repair. I expected him to be able to fix it, but he told us that it was not possible. I thought my mom would want to buy a new one that same day, but she told me she was going to get a new clothes line instead. I had never heard my mom even talk about wanting to hang clothes outside to dry, so I had to ask her where this came from.

She told me when she was a young girl, her mother used to always hang clothes out to dry. Even though it was just a decades old memory, she wanted to experience that again. She was going to just have me erect two clothesline poles in the yard and string out some line on them, but I decided to surprise her with a really nice line instead. I had seen the circular clothes lines in the past as I drove through the country, and I thought it was a really neat idea since the wind would be able to circulate the line as well.

I was able to find what I wanted online, and it arrived pretty quickly. I set it up for her without her knowledge, and then I brought her outside to see it. When she did, her eyes actually lit up. She had told me that she had considered one of those, but the local store did not sell them. She does not use computers at all, so she didn’t think to ask me to look online for one. She has been using it for every load, even in the winter since it does not get too cold here. I don’t think she will ever own a clothes dryer again now.


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