September 28, 2016

Our Chiropractor Helped with the Post-Accident Pain

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A side impact in a collision can be devastating. I have a relative who was driving and got T-boned. He broke his hip and was laid up for months. He was on blood thinners for a long time after the surgeries too. We got sort of a side impact by sliding on a slippery road. We whacked into a pole sideways. The sudden stop shook us up. I mean literally and emotionally. It was scary, to say the least, and the hit knocked our backs out of alignment. We started seeing a Chandler auto accident chiropractor after a couple of weeks.

We went and had imaging done after the accident. There was no bleeding or acute trauma that was life-threatening. It just kept on hurting. It felt like we were recovering after being losers in a boxing match. We didn’t have any bruises or cuts or scrapes. All the pain was due to pinched nerves in our necks and lower backs. We both started to feel better after the first chiropractor visit, and this is where I think a lot of patients go wrong. They get that initial relief, and then they do not go back for the rest of the treatments.

The healing is a regular process of your body responding to having your back in alignment again. You need to have the adjustments and let the irritation heal. You need to do the exercises too in order to keep your back aligned. Just a little pressure on a nerve can cause an excruciating amount of pain. We finished the recommended amount of therapy, and we are back to normal in no time. We are both very happy about that. I do not think we will ever venture out when the weather gets bad like that again. I lost my confidence for driving in bad weather. However, I do have confidence in my chiropractor.


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