March 26, 2018

Our Son Wants to Be a Physicist

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My husband is a mathematics professor at the local university, so it is no wonder that our two children excel in math. Our daughter is university now, studying to be a teacher like her father. Her love for numbers and equations matches his, and the two have such interesting conversations that only they can understand. Our son went into a different direction with his love for those same numbers. He wants to be a physicist, and he has our full support. He asked his father to take a look at https://physicstuitionsg.com not long ago because his examinations are coming up soon.

He is excelling in his physics class at school, but he knows that he has to be at the top of his game even before he goes to university next year. That is why he wanted to take this private tuition course. It was private only because it is outside of his school work, so that did not mean private instruction where it would just be a tutor and himself. Rather, he would still be in a classroom setting, just with a much smaller group. The tutor’s main goal is to improve all of their chances with their examinations grades.

His father read everything he could find on Mr. Tony. He already knew a bit about him because he has written books on this subject. He was satisfied with everything he read, and he agreed that this would only help our son on his path to realizing his own goals. We enrolled him in the courses, and he would come home after every session with so much spirit about what he had learned. It was interesting and entertaining just to hear him tell us everything he had learned that day. We have no doubt that he is definitely choosing the right career path, just judging by his enthusiasm with this extra course!


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