February 4, 2018

Very Happy with Our Housecleaners

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We were doing the bare minimum for things we needed to get done in order to keep up with all of our responsibilities. It is nice to have a steady job, but the hours are practically ridiculous right now. We are putting in the time, because you never know when there may be a cut back in hours. So, it is wise to work and save now while the work is abundant. To help us keep from becoming overwhelmed, we hired a service that does house cleaning in Singapore to come out and do the cleaning at our house. Without their help, our house would be a wreck.

When you are prioritizing things that need done, keeping the house clean was getting toward the bottom of the list with all of the extra work we have been doing. We already make many of our meals in a microwave oven. There was not much more corner cutting that we could do to free up more time. The housecleaning staff really is a big help to us. We feel like we really know the women who have been assigned to clean our house. They do a wonderful job, and they are very friendly. It is the same staff that shows up at our house on a routine basis. So far, there are three different personnel that come to our house on different days.

We have no complaints about their work or their personalities. We appreciate them very much. I know that it can be difficult to clean a place to the different expectations of each client. The help that comes to us does a great job without me having to watch over them or tell them what to do. They get the work done fast and are gone. I am amazed at how fast and thorough of a job they do.


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