October 21, 2015

Working for a Better Tomorrow

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In Columbia SC apartments can cost a lot of money, which is something that many people have to deal with when they have low incomes. I work at a retail job, and it only pays so much. It’s not really the kind of job that you get and expect it to lead to a more lucrative career. This kind of job is something that you get when you can’t find anything else or you don’t have the skills or qualification to get anything else. I fall into both of these categories and am trying to change that by taking college courses.

I make just enough to pay for my apartment, get food, and pay for my classes. I take the classes during my off hours from work. I have just enough time left over to get a little sleep each day. I’m taking classes in computer programming in the hopes that I’ll be able to find a job working at a local company as a software developer or as an IT specialist. These jobs make a lot of money, and although the work can be quite challenging, it’s better than being stuck at some dead end retail job in a department store.

While living in the apartment and going to school, I live a pretty frugal life. I eat the cheapest meals I can find, and sometimes I’ll make my own cheap meals. I’ve become pretty acquainted with instant noodles and canned tuna. I can improvise and make some creative dishes with just the few cheap foods that I have in my cabinet. I can combine the noodles and tuna with a little cheese to make an amazing tuna melt. I learned the recipe from a report about inmates who live in jail that sneak different foods into their cells.


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